One NE 60th Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50313

One NE 60th Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50313

For over 90 years…

a sanctuary where lives are commemorated, memories are recalled, a sustaining source of comfort to the living.

Family Feedback

Recently I decided to take care of our final expenses. This included burial, vaults, and plot-markers at Highland Memory Gardens. I soon realized we had put this off far too long. The process went so quickly and smoothly with the caring and expert guidance of Highland’s wonderful staff, especially Ms. Jan Shawver. She listened to our wishes and budget. She explained the options. I love what we did and that we have gifted and freed our children from having to make and agree on these decisions later. We have advised them to also take these steps now – so that their choices and beliefs might be secured – and their family helped in a very loving way.

~ Alice

For the past 20 years, we have known that our parents pre-planned their funeral and burial preferences. Honestly, it was just something we knew and didn’t think about.It was not until the passing of both of our parents this past year that we realized the magnitude of those decisions and the true gift they gave to us.When we say gift, we naturally think financial and that indeed was very generous. However, the real gift was being able to honor their wishes and spend those few days that follow the passing, grieving and enjoying sibling time rather than questioning each other on what “they” might want. Our parent’s decision to prepare their final resting plans made such a positive impression, that we can now say that we also have planned and will give this final gift to our children when our time comes.

~ Cindi

For the record, I have the highest regard for Highland Memory Gardens for your excellent service to our families, and everyone who wisely chooses to do business with you. God bless.

~ James

There are two things we appreciated about working with Sue Starr. First, is that she let the whole process move at our speed. There was no pressure about anything. And she always told us to ask anytime we had a question. She was always available and took all the time we wanted to discuss each part of the process. Second, is that she really knows her stuff. She had an answer for every question. She gave us even more information sometimes than seemed necessary, but now we see that she was making sure we understood the details.

We are totally satisfied with the people and the product at Highland.

~ Jim